Community Coalition Against Human Trafficking


Community Coalition Against



We  have a vision for our community in which human trafficking CANNOT thrive.


Our Outreach Area

While the CCAHT wants human trafficking to cease everywhere, we are currently focused on the 41 counties of East Tennessee, specifically Knox County.


Our Goals

  1. Provide collaborative space for anti-trafficking work to flourish.
  2. Raise overall awareness about the issue of human trafficking.
  3. Facilitate training and equipping of first responders to human trafficking.


Things we value

Freedom, Humanity/Dignity, Justice, Sensitivity, Hope & Restoration



TN Human Trafficking Hotline 855-55-TNHTH (86484)

National Human Trafficking Resource Center 888-3737-888
Toll-free | 24-hours, 7 days a week | Confidential

Community Coalition Against Human Trafficking - United to be a light in the darkness.

2095 Lakeside Centre Way . Suite 101 . Knoxville, TN . 865.236.1046 .